Want to Join Us?

Is Grad Studies for you?

We are always looking for highly motivated graduate students to pursue Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in our group. For all applicants (M.Sc. & Ph.D.), I am looking for students who have a strong background in biochemistry and an interest in structural biology. Please note that I cannot offer you admission directly. You must first apply for admission to the M.Sc. or Ph.D. program in Chemistry or Biochemistry at York University before I can talk to you about admission. The application procedure can be found on the Chemistry Graduate Program website, in particular under the “Prospective Students” tab.  Once your application is submitted, I will see your entire file, and I can make an informed decision at that time.
To maximize the likelihood that I will look at your file, include “Protein Crystallography” or “Structural Biology” as one of your research interests, and mention in your application that you are interested in working with me. (I receive lots of emails from prospective trainees – there is no guarantee that I will remember your particular email.)  

How about an Undergraduate Honours Project?

Each year I may take on one or more undergraduate honour’s (Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry) project students. Any interested student should have taken, at minimum, one relevant biochemistry-related course at the 3rd year level (i.e. Chem 3050, 3051 etc.), and preferably more than one. Each program has it’s own particular requirements for enrollment, and all interested undergraduates should check the relevant websites and contact the Program Director for information prior to coming to see me. For Chemistry and Biochemistry Honours projects (that is CHEM and BCHM 4000), the way to start is to complete and submit the enrollment form.  If you are thinking BIOL 4000, then the enrollment form is found here.
Please note that there are limited spaces, projects, etc. available; there are no guarantees that I will be able to take any one particular applicant. Also, be advised that I in general do not consider students wishing to do honour’s projects greater than 6 months away from when they contact me and/or the honour’s program director. That is, students looking for a placement over the Spring/Summer term will not be considered until after January.